Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Africa’s Latest Coup In Burkina Faso Has Been Order To Surrender

No one knows the whereabouts of the coup leader, General Diendere
The orchestrators of Africa’s latest coup which was carried out in Burkina Faso on Thursday, September 17, have been ordered to surrender.

According to the BBC, the order was made by Burkina Faso’s military chiefs who demanded that the leaders of last week’s coup disarm, saying that the army is marching on Ouagadougou, the state capital.

The coup which has been highly condemned by several nations around the world, has caused Burkina Faso a suspension from the United nations.

It is worthy to note that on Friday, September 18, Muhammadu Buhari, the president of Africa’s most populous nation, condemned the coup d’etat.
A statement by the army chiefs offered safety guarantees for those coup supporters who disarmed

There are plans to reach an armnesty deal with the rebels.

According to a statement made by his special adviser on media and publicity, Femi Adesina, Buhari and the federal government aligned with ECOWAS, the African Union and the United Nations in rejecting “the brazen contravention of the constitution and transitional charter of Burkina Faso by elements of the Presidential Guard under the leadership of General Gilbert Diendere”.
Demostrators burn tyres in protest against the coup in Burkina Faso
There have been series of protests in the wake of the coup, and reports show that this protests have led to violent clashes with over ten people dead and several scores injured.

Many protesters could be seen on the streets, burning tyres in demonstration of their displeasure.

The coup plotters have been offered a chance to surrender in exchange for guaranteed safety.

Over the weekend, a delegation of regional mediators reportedly said there had been a breakthrough, hinting that the transitional government could return.

There were initial reports that the proposed deal was later rejected by the speaker for Burkina Faso’s transitional parliament.

However information gathered on Tuesday, September 22, reveals that the coup leader has said he is ready to hand over power to transitional civilian authorities, as the army is marching on the capital.

Apologies have also been made to the nation by Gen Gilbert Diendere, who led the presidential guard to the coup last Thursday.
The whereabouts of coup leader Gen Gilbert Diendere are unknown

No one knows the whereabouts of the coup leader, General Diendere

The war lord told BBC he is ready to hand back power only if a plan to end the crisis is backed by regional leaders.

From a secret location the General said: “Ready to Surrender? We are not there yet… We wish to continue the discussions and we say to all that we are ready to implement ECOWAS’ (West African regional group’s) decision.”

Reports say ECOWAS is due to meet in Abuja, the Nigerian capital on Tuesday, September 22.

To be decided at the meeting are: methods to restore civilian rule in Burkina Faso, armnesty deals for the the coup plotters and ways to ensure credible elections in the country come November.

Meanwhile, there have been severe international pressure, with France the former colonial power warning that a failure to disarm will lead to drastic consequences.

Francois Hollande, the French president has called on those involved “to immediately lay down arms and hand over power to the legitimate authorities or face the consequences”.

In a statement, the president said that “civilian, financial and military co-operation had been suspended until the interim government of transitional President Michel Kafando was reinstated”.

He also informed that Kafando who was reportedly held captive by the presidential guard, was unhurt and free. Adding that Kafando has been taking refuge in French ambassador’s residence since the night of Monday, September 21.

Ambassador Gilles Thibault, the French ambassador to Burkina Faso affirmed President Hollasnde’s claim.

The diplomat who tweeted in french said: “I confirm, with the authorisation of President Kafando, he is indeed in the French residence,”.

Colonel Serge Alain Ouedraogo spokesperson for the Burkinabe police who spoke to AFP said: “We must now secure the surrender of the coup leaders without gunfire or bloodshed”.

It is recalled that on Thursday, September 17, the presidential guard as led by General Diendere, who was the chief of staff to Blaise Compaore, led a coup in which President Michel Kafando was arrested alongside Yacouba Zida, the interim prime minister.

The coup was carried out in the landlocked former French colony, barely one month before elections had been due.