Monday, 28 September 2015

SHOCKING!! Virgin Mary's Appearance Rocks Nigeria

Virgin Mary's Appear In Kaduna state
An alleged appearance of Virgin Mary at Nissi Village in Maraban Rido, Kaduna state has stirred up controversy.

The Virgin Mary reportedly appeared to a certain Rose Emmanuel Markus.

According to Rose, the ‘Blessed Mother’ appeared to her while she was in her garden carrying out some work.

Reports have it that the Lady later identified as the Blessed Virgin Mary was standing by the front wall of Rose’s residence.

Sources say that as soon as the news spread within the neighborhood, the entire place was turned to a pilgrimage centre.

Rev. Fr. Eric Mallam, Catholic priest of st Augustine’s, Mahuta was one of those who visited the site.

The clergyman under whose jurisdiction the apparition allegedly took place, called for caution.

He urged faithfuls to tread carefully until the church makes an official pronouncement.

Many claimed that they saw the apparition, some even went as far as saying that the ‘Holy Mother’ spoke to them.

Cynthia Emmanuel, a Nissi resident, said she received messages from the Virgin Mary. She said that the apparition said many souls are heading to hell.

Adding that the Blessed Mary warned against youthful exuberance, the dangers of fornication and condemned the indecent dressing by women.

She said: “the Blessed Virgin Mary had cried bitterly that the road to hell was over-crowded with souls languishing on daily basis while the road to heaven was scanty with few souls travelling through it despite the death of her son on the Calvary.”

There are different takes on the story, most of which allege that there were miracles performed at the cite of the sighting.

Meanwhile, faithful pilgrims have reportedly been visiting a small house, where Virgin Mary and baby Jesus allegedly appeared, in Beregovoy, Lviv region , Ukraine.

Reports show that the image of Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus was said to have appeared on a window at a non-residential two-story house.