Sunday, 4 October 2015

Arsenal stun United as Sanchez and Ozil blast Van Gaal's, who concede three goals in first 20 minutes for first time in Premier League history

EMIRATES STADIUM: What a statement this was from Arsenal. What a comeback. What a riposte. Arsene Wenger does not need to get tetchy with his critics. He just needs to inspire more performances like
this. Arsenal have it in them, as was proved on Sunday. They have a title in them, too, as antagonists such as Jose Mourinho have long suggested.  There are stronger contenders defensively, but few they can elevate the beautiful side of the game to the heights Arsenal reached in their earliest exchanges with Manchester United. A goal up after six minutes, two clear a minute later, by the time Alexis Sanchez hit the third with three-quarters of the game remaining, the locals were in rapture. How could this be the same team that lost to Olympiacos at home just five days previously? Up to second place, how could this be the club supposedly teetering on the brink of crisis?