Tuesday, 20 October 2015

‘Buhari’s Government Will Fail To Bring Any Change’ - Cleric

A cleric has painted a gloomy picture of the future of Nigeria under the President Muhammadu Buhari as the he will might become unpopular with Nigerians and little achievements to show for the overwhelming support he received from the people.

According to the cleric, Mustapha Kadri in an interview with an online medium, Simon Ateba, said that Nigerians would soon realize that the change mantra that was spread by Buhari was just an illusion without a concrete plan for the realization of the goal.

Kadiri said: “Many Nigerians will come to realise that the change they expected is an illusion.”

He added that the ruling the All Progressives Congress might likely break up which will lead to the emergence of new crop of politicians saying  “ One day, Nigerians will wake up and realise that there is crisis everywhere.”

The cleric pointed out that Nigerians will be frustrated with the present administration to point they will start demanding for change the same catchphrase used by Buhari and his party in the run up to the presidential election.

“They will be so disappointed that many Nigerians will begin to clamour for change. “A new set of politicians will emerge from within the APC and the PDP,” Kadiri said.

He stressed further what Nigerians will witness would not be what they expected.

The present administration came into power in May 29 after fierce election which the then incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan lost the election which is first in the history of the country.

Recall that Buhari had said during electioneering that Boko Haram will be defeated within three months but the sects had been continued to kill more people .

Bahari had said he will not resign if he does not fulfill his promise of defeating Boko Haram by December 2015.

In a recent interview with Al-Jazeera, he acknowledged that he would be willing to negotiate with the Boko Haram group to secure the release of the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls.