Thursday, 5 November 2015

SEE What President Buhari Told Incoming Ministers

Muhammadu Buhari has addressed his ministers-designate while opening two-days retreat in Abuja, today, November 5.

President Muhammadu Buhari speaking while declaring open a two-day ministerial retreat at the presidential villa in Abuja.

The retreat held inside the old Banquet Hall of the Aso Rock villa and had the theme “Delivering Change: From precepts to practice”.

President Buhari touched several key issues in his speech.

On how his administration will be judged

Buhari said the achievements of his government would be counted according to the number of Nigerians that were moved out of poverty.

The president said the economic focus of his government would ensure inclusive growth.

“All government officials should count themselves privileged to have been chosen among millions of their compatriots at this time to be the instruments that will deliver the change the ruling party promised,” he stated.

The direction and priorities of the government

While defining the work of renovation as immediate and hige, Buhari described Nigerians’ expectations as high.

The leader of the nation added that officials’ resolve to succeed and change the fortunes of Nigeria must be the same to the challenge.

Buhari said he was persuaded that in accepting his invitation to work for the nation, the incoming ministers were also equally determined to take part in what he defined as a patriotic undertaking.

On Boko Haram

He said: “My election as President of this country was hinged on my promise to tackle corruption, insecurity and revive the economy.

“We have already taken deliberate measures to plug leakages of government revenue and resources. You all know the steps we have taken to tackle Boko Haram. We have degraded them and in desperation, they are resorting to attacks on soft targets, killing innocent people.”

On economic focus

“Diversification of the economy away from oil will be a major focus of this government. We will intervene in mining and agriculture and upgrade the country’s physical and social infrastructure, which will broaden our revenue base and significantly improve the level of employment, especially among the youth.

 “Our economic focus will be policies that will ensure inclusive growth and we will count our achievements based on the number of Nigerians we move out of poverty.

Senate president Bukola Saraki had on November 3 submitted the list of confirmed ministers to President Buhari.

After receiving the document, Nigerian president gave the indication that some of the new ministers would have to operate without portfolio.