Friday, 20 November 2015

We'll Deal With Anyone Who Wants To Foment Trouble

Ahead of Saturday’s gubernatorial election in Kogi state,  the deputy inspector general of police deployed to oversee security in the state, Leroy Wamaka has vowed to deal with anyone who foments trouble during the exercise.

Speaking at a media chat, the DIG who is also in charge of operations at the Force Headquarters, Abuja, said there will be restriction of movement on Saturday, November 21, from 6:30 am till the election exercise is concluded.

According to the police boss, this is to enable security personnel and INEC staff discharge their duties as expected and also allows voters opportunity to get to their respective polling units.

Wamaka said enough police personnel have been  deployed to oversee security in the state adding that the police authority has mapped out strategy to ensure no breaking down of law and order.

”We will come down heavy on anybody regardless their status or stature, real or perceived. We’ll have the person apprehended, detained and prosecuted. Even their sponsors and associates, we’ll go after them. If they think they have the might to challenge federal power we shall demonstrated to them this is not possible,” he said.

Wakama said police personnel have been instructed to use phones or cameras to take  pictures/videos of people whoever might want to foment trouble

”For those we can’t arrest at the spot, we’ll pick the videos, analyse and pick them up at later day. This would also serve as evidence to tribunal that will sit after the election” he said.

However, the DIG  advised those who would want to transgress through Kogi to consider alternative route or postpone the journey because the inconveniences associated with restriction of movement.