Monday, 29 August 2016


1.      It is important to assess the management of Edo State’s resources ahead of the September 10, 2016 guber elections.

2.      The Edo State govt has received more than N1.4tr as allocations from the Federation Accounts Allocations Committee (FAAC) in the 93 month tenure of IMG_1238 (1) so far.

3.      In addition to this, the Edo State government has increased its debt profile from N4.4bn at the inception of his tenure to N46, 289, 079, 475.93 (local) & $168,186,197.48 (external) as at 31/12/2016.

4.      The figure above does not include the N3.167bn bailout recently collected by the State govt or any debts taken in 2016.

5.      It is saddening that there is nothing on ground in Edo to show the collection and application of such huge funds. It is worse that these funds have had no impact of the lives of its citizens.

6.      Benin City still floods every time it rains despite the collection & supposed application of N30bn for the stormwater project. This is the stormwater project for which Adams Oshiomole supposedly paid N400m to a South African Company to design.

7.      The APC led government of Edo State has supervised the massive misapplication of Edo State funds leaving it indebted, poor & beaten into the dirt.

8.      It is the knowledge of this fact that drives the APC candidate, Godwin Obaseki, in his determination to avoid a debate with our candidate, @PastorIzeIyamu. APC is aware that a debate between the candidates will reveal the inept, chaotic approach to governance that the Oshiomole admin has brought to Edo State.

9.      As head of Adams Oshiomole’s economic team, Godwin Obaseki cannot be separated from the failures of the last 8 years. A vote for him would be a continuation of the very sort of failure that we must depart from.

10.     These are some the things over which we must hold the APC in Edo State to account. This is why we ask all Edo sons & daughters to vote for @PastorIzeIyamu on 10/09/2016.