Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Aba-made Bullet Proof Vest Displayed for Sale in Nigeria

Alleged Aba-made Bullet Proof Vest Displayed for Sale in Abuja (Photos)

Yesterday was Aba trade fair held in Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital territory, and locally made goods were showcased for public patronage.

Some of the numerous products displaced for sale were the Aba-made bulletproof vests which caught the eyes of buyers.
The vests have been recommended for security men and other officials working at volatile areas that could threaten their lives.
Nigerians were reluctant to purchase the safety kit due to the distrust for locally-made goods. One social media user claims wearing that bulletproof vest to the warfront is a straight visa to hell. 

Another top commenter applauded the new development by the growing Aba artisans.
He wrote: “Yes! you read it! Aba artisans are beyond your imagination when it comes to product making, no wonder Acting President Osinbajo recently said that “Had Aba developed, Nigeria has nothing to do with China”.