Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Breaking News: Buhari Responds To Critics Of Ministerial Appointments

Ministerial Nominees: Buhari Finally Responds To Critics
President Muhammadu Buhari has responded to the critics not satisfied with his ministerial nominations.

Speaking on Tuesday, October 13, at the opening of the Nigerian Economic Summit (NES) in Abuja, the leader lamented over the orchestrated criticism which he blamed on the country’s elite.

Buhari blasted the elite over diverting attention to religious issues rather than focusing on the appointees’ competence, The Nation reports.

The president was quoted as saying:

“You find out that the elite, whether from the South-West, North-West or wherever, are willing to collaborate in stealing the resources of the state. It is important to point out that the idea of where a person appointed into government comes from is meant to divert attention.”

Buhari reiterated his commitment to ensuring good government for every Nigerian in his cabinet. He stressed the importance of the ongoing anti-graft war that would eventually help the government and the people to build the “New Nigeria”.

“What is required now is the national orientation and the will to curtail corruption both in the public and private sectors.”

Yesterday the Senate screened the first 10 nominees listed by President Buhari as candidates for office. With 21 nominees from ‘batch A’ and 16 nominees from ‘batch B’, it is believed the process will take two more days.