Wednesday, 16 September 2015

India Police paradeThree Nigerian Drug Barons arrested

The police are finding it difficult to get information from three Nigerian residents who were arrested on September 12 by the Crime Branch, with two of them not having given their passports to the police.

Chandigarh Crime Branch officials said that two of the Nigerian residents, Dennis Azuka Okoye, Ekpelechukwu Johan and Jackson Uzova who were arrested last week for their involvement in drug smuggling, tore their passports and other documents which could reveal their identity.

The officials added that they had identified some local contacts of the accused who would be arrested soon. An official of the crime branch said that the Nigerians were hard nuts to crack.

He added that the accused tore their documents, making it difficult for the police to find their address or identity.

First they did not give any details of their whereabouts but later one of them gave his passport to the police but it is yet to be verified whether the address mentioned in the passport is right.

The other two did not give their passports to the police as they were overstaying in the country.

The official said that they had identified some local contacts who bought small quantities of drugs from the accused. The official added that they had rounded up some local people and interrogating them. Officials of the Foreigners’ Registration Office of the Chandigarh Police have written a letter to the Nigerian government through its embassy in New Delhi to get more details about the accused, Indian Express reports.