Monday, 28 September 2015

SEE What Pope Francis Said About Gay Marriages... THIS WILL SHOCK YOU

SEE What Pope Francis Said About Gay Marriages... 
Pope Francis made a controversial statement on same-sex marriages encouraging officials not to issue marriage licenses to gays thus breaking the laws of the countries where same-sex marriages are legal.

Pope Francis encouraged officials to refuse issuing marriage licenses to homosexuals claiming that officials who are not willing to do their duties despite their country’s law, have a “human right” for that.

Speaking to the press upon returning to Rome from his American trip, Pope Francis told that officials obliged to issue same-sex marriage licenses may have the right not to do so if it “violates their conscience”.

Answering the question whether he supports those government officials, who refuse register gay marriages thus violating the law, Francis told that “conscientious objection must enter into every juridical structure because it is a right“, adding that “if someone does not allow others to be a conscientious objector, he denies a right.”

Pope Francis concluded that “otherwise we would end up in a situation where we select what is a right, saying: “This right has merit, this one does not.””

Three weeks ago, a Christian clerk, Kim Davis of Rowan County, Ky., who refused to issue gay licenses to gay people has been jailed in the US.

Three months ago the US Supreme Court made gay marrriage legal in the United States of America. The US President, Barack Obama has come out and praised the ruling as “a victory for America.”