Monday, 19 October 2015

REVEALED!! Fayose Shares Top Secret After One Year In Office

Fayose Shares Top Secret After One Year In Office
Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state has revealed some secrets that have kept him going in the face of stormy political happenings.

Speaking in Ado-Ekiti at a state dinner organized to celebrate his first year of his second term in office, Fayose disclosed that his strong faith in God and his courage has been key to his success so far, The Sun reports.

However, in a statement released by his Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Ade­lusi, yesterday, October 18, the governor described the period between April and the first week of June this year as an­other traumatic period in his political life.

“The beginning of April to the first week of June this year was traumatic. This was because what the opposition lost in the poll, when they were roundly defeated in all the 16 local governments of the state they wanted to take back through the back door. I thank God that in such situa­tions, I don’t take to fear. For me, courage is a virtue.

“For me, I will see what is pursuing me before I will run. When there are difficult and trying periods, some people will come to the Government House to see what the face and the countenance of the governor will look like. As a leader, when you lack cour­age, what do you want the followers to do?

“I don’t take to fear, after all it is appointed for man to be born and to die once. I am not moved by small things. Most of the time when acci­dent occurs, it is not the fact that an accident has occurred that kills most people, but fear and trauma. I also ap­preciate God for giving me faith in Him to say prophetic things.

“The video we just watched now, where I was interviewed at the thick of the plot to remove me as gov­ernor in 2006, some people will be wondering why is this man that is almost go­ing down saying he will be back again when all odds are against him. But remember that God said He will be our present help in time of trou­bles.

“I will not revenge any wrong doing done to me by anybody in the past be­cause everything works for good.

 “When I believe in a cause and trust somebody as my leader, I don’t show disloy­alty. I will stand by you till the end. When President Goodluck Jonathan lost the election, some people ex­pected that I would abandon him, I don’t behave that way. Even though there were cer­tain things I expected from him for our state and even appointment of some of our people into offices, when he lost, he did not want to touch or dabble into some things again and I understood his position. But that was not enough for me to abandon him.

“The previous administration left the state in a comatose position. However, the paucity of funds would not stop his drive.”

However, while Fayose insisted that he had done well in office, the APC described his performance as a “celebration of reversal of fortunes” for the people of Ekiti state.