Thursday, 26 November 2015

Beware! Boko Haram Now Hides Bombs Inside These Materials – DHQ

Boko Haram Now Hides Bombs In Attractive Objects

The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has revealed new tactics employed by Boko Haram terrorists to unleash mayhem on unsuspecting members of the public.

Leadership reports that Colonel Rabi Abubakar, who is the Director of Defence Information, said the insurgent group is now desperate to the point that it hides Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) in attractive objects.

Abubakar said this yesterday, Wednesday, November 25, in his office in Abuja, warning people against falling prey of the terrorists’ tactics. He also warned the media to desist from publishing stories based on mere speculation without getting clarification from the military.

He said that five of the 100 most wanted Boko Haram terrorists, have been nabbed. He also urged members of the public to be security conscious and to resist the temptation of picking strange things found around them.

He said: “All these things we are doing is to make sure that the populace remain safe from the hands of this Boko Haram terrorists who are now devising different means of fighting through this issue of IED and even some cluster bombs which they conceal in attractive objects and drop it in the streets for people to pick.

“We are using this platform to enlighten the citizens to make sure that our citizens do not fall victim on what could be avoided,” he added.

Abubakar who praised the media for contributing immensely to the success in the war against insurgency urged the media to confirm whatever information at their disposal before publishing.

Meanwhile, a warning was recently made by Ona Ekhomu, a security expert, concerning an imminent terror attack by ISIS in Nigeria.

Ekhomu therefore implored the federal government to take issues of tackling insurgency in the country very serious. Instead of waiting for the attack to occur just like it recently did in Paris and France.