Friday, 20 November 2015

Jobs @... Swift Networks Limited - Team Lead - Projects Needed

Employer: Swift Networks Limited

The Company
Swift Networks Limited is a facilities-based telecommunications services provider. The company was founded in 2002 when it bided and obtained a Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)
License from Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to provide multi-service broadband connectivity services to businesses and residential subscribers.

Since inception, Swift Networks has invested heavily in “next generation” networking technologies to build a multi-service network platform. Swift Networks holds an exclusive wireless spectrum license from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), allowing it to operate an end-to-end reliable, fibre-like connectivity services in the exclusively licensed and interference-free 3.5GHZ spectrum.
Swift Networks Limited has recently attracted foreign direct investment from The International Finance Corporation (IFC), European Investment Bank and Commonwealth Development Corporation under the Capital Alliance Private Equity II fund scheme managed by Capital Alliance Nigeria. Accordingly, Swift Networks has the requisite financial and organizational resources to become the leading broadband connectivity Services provider in Nigeria.

Job Title:  Team Lead - Projects

Position Description:

Accountable for executing project delivery for the applicable part of the project scope
Main responsibility to ensure operational continuity and smooth execution by implementing proactive delivery management practices
Ensures services delivery management based on PMI principles and in full alignment with Swift SOPs

Summary of key activities:
Continuous Project Management Planning and implementation of the Project Management Plan
Scheduling, forecasting and progress tracking.
Controlling and optimizing services delivery performance (operational KPIs i.e. SLA, time, scope, quality)
Co-coordinating the people involved in services delivery

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Operational non-financial KPIs (e.g. acceptance metrics)
  • Project Delivery on Time

Key activity descriptions:
Continuous Project Management Planning and implementation of the Project Management Plan
Contributes to the customization of global E2E operational processes to project requirements (e.g. network operations processes, supply chain process, logistics processes, acceptance process etc.) and ensures it is aligned with Swift SOP
Contributes proactively to Project Management and Delivery Processes Planning to reflect the changing environment.
Responsible for communication of Project Management Plan and related processes to the relevant stakeholders
Contributing to achieving the project targets set in the PIP to for the applicable parts , Scheduling, forecasting and progress tracking
Ensures that services delivery management relies on fact based and verified schedules and forecasts (or the applicable part of the project scope), including e.g.
Collects actual services delivery performance information and compares actual performance with baseline(s)
Determines the causes to any perceived deviation
Collects information to provide latest estimates to completion
Implements proactive re-planning to keep the services delivery on the course
Ensures that schedules and forecasts are kept up to date and communicated to relevant stakeholders
Ensures that constraints and risks are managed successfully
Controlling and optimizing services delivery performance (operational KPIs i.e. SLA, time, scope, quality)
Controlling, reporting and optimizing services delivery* in alignment with relevant Project Management processes e.g. time management, cost management, scope management, quality etc. Is responsible of e.g.
Providing sufficient operational visibility to relevant stakeholders (e.g. PBM, PMO, Customer) through specific tools
Monitors and controls services delivery with operational KPIs
Participation to periodic reviews e.g. Review Meetings
Coordinates services delivery related operational tasks, e.g. Managing issues, Tracking the status
Co-coordinating the people involved in services delivery
Co-coordinating relevant stakeholders, e.g.
External partners (e.g. subcontractors, contractors, 3rd party)
Project teams
Setting up and maintaining clear and effective internal and external communication within the relevant project stakeholders (e.g. customer and project teams)

Position Requirements

Experience in Various Radio Rollout Technologies (2G, 3G, LTE) is a Must
Telecom experience of not less than 6 years.
In depth understanding of LTE & Fiber is plus.
A second class (upper division) in an Engineering or related field from a reputable university.
Experienced in managing multiple projects simultaneously

How to Apply

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