Monday, 13 June 2016

Inside The Mind of the Rich ( while the rich keeps getting advantages over the poor)

Everything in your life rises and falls on the content of your mind. Every circumstance of your life is harmoniously linked or connected to some thoughts processes in your mind. How you think determines the size and quality of your destiny.

 Your beliefs shape your reality. Who you are determines what you attract in life. Your habits and traits define your character and your destiny. How you feel about yourself shapes the value you attach to your life and consequently the value you attract in life. How confident you are in yourself determines the quality of your performance. How well you relate to others determines if you will succeed or fail in life. Wealth is a companion of those who feel that they deserve it. Wealth follows those with the ability to act in spite of fear, in spite of worry, in spite of inconvenience, in spite of discomfort. Until you come to the realization and understanding that your character, your thinking, and your beliefs determines if you will climb the ladder of success and how far you will climb it you will continue to live in the basement of failure. Before we go further, it is important to note that by being rich I mean building up reserves of good moral character and acquiring and sustaining financial surplus or freedom and also utilizing the riches rightly and wisely. Riches gotten by compromising sound moral standard or integrity is vanity; it is like gaining victory that is empty. In fact, to be morally bankrupt is the worst form of poverty in the world despite how much one has amassed in the bank account. Genuinely rich people think differently from poor people. In fact the major reason people remain poor is not due to external factors but rather it is due to their mindset. If one adopts the thinking pattern and beliefs of the rich, he will then make right and wise choices which leads to right actions which attracts rich outcomes. Rich people make life happen; poor people let life happen to them. Rich people believe that they create their life; poor people believe that life happens to them. Rich people believe that they are in control over their lives; poor people believe that they are helpless and victims in life. Rich people take absolute responsibility for their lives; poor people blame everybody and anything for their circumstance except themselves. Rich people take chances; poor people make excuses, complain and rationalize. Rich people play the game of life to win; poor people play the game of life to not lose. The vision of rich people is to have wealth and abundance; the vision of the poor is to survive; pay their bills; barely get by or comfortable. Rich people are committed to be rich; they will do whatever it takes so long as it is moral, legal and as long as it takes to succeed. Rich people are ready to take worthwhile risk and are prepared to sacrifice without limit to succeed; until you give up you can’t go up. Remember, life will only hand over its vault of valuables to you when it sees how committed you are. Poor people want to be rich as long as it is convenient for them. Poor people come up with so many excuses; ifs; buts; maybes of why they cannot be rich. They lack focus; courage; knowledge; expertise; 100% effort and a rich mindset which are the pre-requisite of becoming rich. The more problem you solve for others the richer you become. The more value you add to others the more your value is enhanced. Rich people think big, they have a mission in life; they think about contributing to as many people as possible and by helping solve their problems they get richer not just financially but also mentally; emotionally and spiritually. Rich people develop and maximize their talents and gifts by sharing its value with as many people as possible. Poor people think small; they are afraid of failure and even more fearful of success; they feel small and unimportant; they feel they’re not good enough. In life, you cannot outgrow the limit you place in your mind but must be confined within it.