Friday, 10 June 2016

T.B JOSHUA AGAIN "Why the BIAFRAN breeze is blowing.

Why is the Biafran breeze is blowing across the southeast many years after the civil war?

It has always been there young people all over the globe, have been illuminated by the historical facts about the adventurous and daring the idea of re-enacting Biafran Republic in the hearts and mind from young age, Some believe that Ndigbo getting justice in Nigeria as a sovereign state is totally uthopia. Therefore this Biafra sovereity has been an actractive option to the igbos. 

This is not new that it has alwayys been the dream of every Ndigbo, I grew up in Enugu in 70's where I schooled at Nike Grammer school. I know the usual discussions in the dormitory amongst students. They believe Nigeria is pulling them backward in all spheres of development, Secondly they believe Ndigbo can do better as a separate state.
 I have severally organise conferences, seminars and workshop for the Igbo youth for decades, its unfortunate that the Biafran option is so attractive to them all.

Nigeria know there is great need to restructure the polity and give all sections a sense of belonging. But, Nigeria does not want to adhere to their complains of alienation. However, those opposing the restucturing of Nigeria are the ones fueling the Biafran agitation. 

The anger and bitterness of the Igbo condition in Nigeria politics fuels a discontent which Uwazurike, Kami and co chose to exploit. Whereas the older Igbo tread cautiously, the younger ones want it "now now". It will only get serious because the federal Government have decided to pretend that it is not a serious issue.

It could also get out of hand, because some Nigerians really do not want the Igbos to get the justice they have been longing for. 

Now, " Why are the Igbos silent?" Igbo leaders have been craving for the to create a level playing field for all in Nigeria. Still nobody seems to listen. 

Four out of six wants Nigeria to be restructured urgently, while on the other hand some people remain adamant. Nigeria, as presently constituted is not working and unable to pay salaries. Now above 40 million young men remain jobless, mutual suspiscious and hatred have filled the land. 

In Nigeria, some people believe that Nigeria is their property. They designed the country. The created states and local governments according to their whims. It does not matter to them whether the country is working or not, they want it to remain that way until thy kingdom comes.

Over two dozen studies by reputable scholars across the world in the last two decades point to the possibility of Nigeria failing. We only abuse them without trying to find out why they all predict doom. We are sitting on a keg of gun powder. 

Leaders who knows the truth should stop deceiving the world. One of them called the pro-Biafran boys fraudsters. He knows he was being hypocritcal. Another said Biafra is finished. Probably finished in his mind, but not in the minds of millions of Igbo youth around the world who believe they have no future in Nigeria. 

An article by one Mathew page in the Washington post last week advised President Buhari on how to move Nigeria forward. Regretably, the writer carefully and deliberately avoided the crux of the matter, which is the unresolved national question. 

the tragedy of the situation is that those who want Nigeria to remain the way they have created it have sold a lie to the international community that corruption and Boko Haram are our main problems.

That Nigeria leaders have chosen to dodge around the circle insteda of going straight to the main issue at hand.

There is no other way to move Nigeria forward in peace and unity without addressing the national question. Our 1999 military inspired constitution are some of the reasons why millions of our country men do not believe in Nigeria. That is the most urgent task facing the Nigeria Government. When we revert to true federalism all our problems will reduce to it minimal including corruption, unemployment, secession etc. 

Most of Nigeria's problem flows from the refusal to address the national question. We are only deceiving ourselves.