Wednesday, 1 February 2017

What are Gorsuch’s political views? WHY Donald Trump favour

What are Gorsuch’s political views?

Much like Scalia, who died aged 79 last February, Gorsuch is an ‘originalist’ meaning he believes the US constitution should not be reinterpreted as society evolves.

While he is a conservative, Gorsuch has never spoken about the case of Roe vs Wade, a Supreme Court ruling which made abortion legal across the US in 1973.

But he is strongly against assisted suicide believing that taking a human life, in any form, is wrong.

His controversial cases include ruling in the favour of “religious freedom” for businesses the Little Sisters of the Poor and the craft company Hobby Lobby, who did want to provide their employees with contraceptive coverage.

These rulings challenged the Affordable Care Act that stated the companies should pay for birth control for their employees.

He is thought to be pro-gun rights, once writing that Americans’ right to bear arms “must not be infringed lightly”.