Thursday, 27 August 2015

Where Are The Achievements?... Nigerians Criticise Buhari Over 100 Wasted Days

It is about ten days to the 100-day deadline Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign set for itself to accomplish a raft of promises made before the March polls.

There are noteworthy indications of progress, but the new government must try to achieve more for the millions of Nigerians who put their hopes on the new leader.

Buharimeter, the initiative that is monitoring how the president is implementing his promises, in their fresh report said that no promise is either achieved or not achieved.

The ruling party has set up a mechanism to monitor and evaluate the execution of the APC’s manifesto and other vows made by Buhari during the presidential campaign.

Before the election Buhari published a public letter titled ‘my covenant’ on what Nigerians should expect from his first 100 days in office.

However, Nigerians took to Twitter using the hastag #100wasteddays to express their dissatisfaction over Buhari’s slowness in implementing his promises.