Monday, 9 November 2015

Disappointment Growing Among Nigerians As Buhari Fail To Deliver His Promises

Five months since the inauguration there is increasing disappointment that President Muhammadu Buhari has not delivered on his lofty promises.

Buhari was elected on a promise to recover Nigeria’s declining economy, crush Boko Haram insurgents and tackle the persistent corruption.

Washington Times reports that the president took an record amount of time just getting his administration run.

“I think he’s too slow,” said Innocent Lagi, a Buhari ally and former attorney general of Nasarawa state in central Nigeria.

“He must have underestimated the problems of the country.”

President Buhari had formed just half of his cabinet and top-level nominations.

Recently the Nigerian Senate confirmed the last of ministerial appointments, but Buhari is yet to assign portfolios to his new ministers.

However, the Nigerian leader is set to inaugurate his cabinet on November 11, Wednesday.

Lagi said: “The change was only in the new leadership. The courts, legislature and other institutions like the army, police, etc., have not changed. The president has no powers to fight corruption; the institutions do. He can’t take a corrupt person to court. He can’t arrest a corrupt person. The reality is that the country hasn’t moved forward.”

Hajiya Hafsat Musa, who has a small clothing shop in Mararaba, a suburb of Abuja, said she has been losing money for months because the authorities has been slow in releasing checks. She added that most of her clients are civil staff.

Musa said: “My customers no longer patronize me.Some of them have not been paid for months. The way the economy runs, if there are no ministers, everything is grounded.”

Recently the Nigerian Labor Congress said that about 60,000 Nigerians have lost their careers because of a drop in administration spending on infrastructure.

Congress president Amechi Asugwuni said:  “It has become critical. We are still lacking answers. We have not seen the plan for infrastructure.”

Meanwhile, the president’s allies said Buhari is doing the best he can to change patterns that have plague Nigeria for years.

Lai Mohammed, the spokesperson of the APC, stated that President Buhari was the first Nigerian politician to remove an incumbent leader and take over the reins of the country in a peaceful transition.

He said: “He’s not slow. The government is focused; it is methodological. People will say this government does not have ministers, but we are saying this government wants people with proven track records of competence and integrity.”

 According to Buharimeter, the public initiative of the Centre for Democracy and Development towards monitoring and holding the president accountable for his promises, Buhari has achieved only one promise – publicly declare assets.