Monday, 9 November 2015

Lawyer Attacks Step Siblings During Land Dispute

Lawyer Attacks Step Siblings During Land Dispute...
A lawyer, Mr. Olusegun Alalade and his brother, Babasanjo Alalade have allegedly rendered their step sister blind and broke her husband’s head over a land dispute.

The Punch reports that Mrs. Ifeoluwa Oluwaloseyitan, the step sister had gone to her father’s estate located on Ladipo Oluwole Avenue, off Adeniyi Jones in the Ikeja area of Lagos with her husband, Pastor Abraham Oluwaloseyitan; and her two elder brothers – Tunde and Kolawole. They reportedly went to inspect the work done by painters on Sunday, November 1 when the lawyer and Babasanjo came to the premise with hoodlums wielding cutlasses.

Ifeoluwa was battered and her eye was smashed while her husband was also slashed in the head. Kolawole and some of the painters also sustained varying degrees of injuries but only Tunde escaped unscathed.

At the Lagos State University Hospital, one of the doctors attending to Ifeoluwa disclosed that she had lost the use of an eye and that an operation was only necessary to prevent infection.

Ifeoluwa said: “It all started on Saturday when his younger brother, Babasanjo, used a machete to inflict wounds on a step-brother, Shola, in the palm inside our father’s estate. Babasanjo was arrested by the police from Man Centre Police Station but was released that same day. The lawyer was boasting before the policemen that he would deal with all of us.

“On Sunday, we went to the property to see the painters working on it. I was reading a magazine beside the gate when I saw the painters rushing out. I was approaching them to know what was wrong when Olusegun smashed a big plank on my forehead. He was hitting me, shouting ‘I will kill all of you’. He stopped when I pretended I was dead.”

Her husband said he tried to rescue his wife but in the process was also attacked.

“I moved her away from them. Suddenly, they started clubbing me in the head. It was when two policemen came that they stopped beating me. Between Sunday evening and today (Thursday), I have spent over N200, 000 on her treatment alone. She is blind in one eye and her nose is affected too.”

The lawyer however denied that he attacked them and even claimed that he was the victim of the attack they perpetuated.

“They were the ones that attacked me and I was injured in the head. I don’t know about the hoodlums and how Ifeoluwa got injured.

“They have been warned by the police to keep away from the estate. I just ejected a tenant from that place last month and locked the room. What was their mission on that premises on a Sunday? After all, they have sued me and my sibling.”

Ayoola Henry, one of the painters said he witness the attack after he had gone to hide and described it as bloody.

“We were done with our work when Mr. Babasanjo, the lawyer and some people came with weapons and started attacking everybody. I ran to a corner but my partner was slightly injured in the leg. The lawyer was saying ‘I will kill everybody’. I am not sure whether it was the lawyer or Babasanjo that injured the woman (Ifeoluwa) because I was in shock.”

Land dispute is a common occurence especially in developed areas where it is very expensive. Tajudeen Disu, the Lekki Free trade Zone boss was killed in a communal clash involving land in the Lekki area of Lagos.