Monday, 7 December 2015

First Nigerian Army Couple To Attain The Same Rank

Here is the first married couple in the Nigerian Armed Forces to hold the same rank as generals in the army.

Brigadier General Cecilia U. Akagu and Brigadier General Clifford B. Wanda have become the first married army officers in Nigerian to attain the same rank of Brigadier General.

Brigadier General Akagu is from Ankpa in Kogi state while her husband is from Enugu Ngwo in Enugu state.

Brigadier General Wanda joined the Nigerian Army in the mid-1980s, and he attended the Nigerian Military School, Zaria.

The fact that the couple have different last names is not unusual as some military personnel do keep their last names for administrative purposes, especially if they met while serving in the military.

According to information made available to Naij, the distinguished Nigerian army officers met when they were both commissioned officers and they subsequently married shortly after.

Whereas Brigadier General Akagu and Brigadier General Wanda are not the first commissioned officers to be married in the Nigerian Army, they hold the distinction of being the first to attain the rank of brigadier general as a married couple.

The rank of brigadier general is the lowest ranked general officer, above the rank of colonel and below the rank of major general.  Traditionally, a brigadier general would command a brigade of 4,000 soldiers in the field.

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