Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Kano state governor grants amnesty to cattle rustlers

Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano state has came under heavy criticism for granting amnesty to cattle rustlers terrorizing towns and villages in Sumaila local government, south east of Kano.

Governor-Abdullahi-Umar-Ganduje of kano state has been accused of favouring his Fulani kinsmen to the detriment of other citizens in the state.

Last Saturday, January 23, the governor who was speaking at Gomo Village in Sumaila local government, granted state pardon and amnesty to thousands of rustlers paraded at the occasion.

However, the decision did not go down well with cross a section of the populace who faulted the governor’s decision as ill-timed, misplacement of priorities and request for fairness.

Alhaji Sunusi Ahmed Baffa Tofa, chairman of cattle breeders association faulted the governor’s action calling it a huge mistake. He cited instances were those affected by the criminal activities of the rustlers were left out unattended and incurred heavy losses of herds of cattle that grounded them economically.

The chairman lamented over what he described as lopsided action of the governor which he says favours only his Fulani kinsmen to the detriment of other citizens and queried the rationale of pardoning criminals with records of capital punishment in the course of their nefarious activities.

Tofa then requested for governor Ganduje to immediately initiate palliative packages that will cushion the effects of victims of rustling activities in the state with a view of assuaging their sufferings and getting them back to business.

Mixed feelings have greeted the announcement of the amnesty by the governor, coupled by persistent public outcry for those pardoned to be brought to justice for the alleged grave criminal activities they have committed.

The situation has had a negative impact on the image of the state government in view of the magnitude of crimes allegedly committed by those granted the amnesty.

Last Saturday, the governor was quoted saying that he has forgiven and pardoned all former cattle rustlers at a ceremony held at a Fulani village of Gomo, in Sumaila Local Government Area of the State which is about 70 kilometers from Kano.