Friday, 18 April 2014

Fresh Attack In Wukari, Taraba State

There is a siege on Wukari Town in Taraba State as fresh reports say some Fulani Herdsmen have attacked the town. Several people have been killed while others have fled to neighbouring  villages.
The residents are appealing to security forces to come to their rescue as they are being held hostage
by these gunmen.

For days, the community has witnessed a series of violent attacks which have been attributed to religious issues but the Police Commissioner, Kalafite Adeyemi assured the residents that everything was under control and it had no religious or political undertones.

On Wednesday, the Taraba Police Command confirmed the death of seven persons in the violence which broke out overnight in Wukari.

The Police Public Relations officer, ASP, Jospeh Kwaji attributed the violence to reprisal attacks by youths in the town, following alleged incessant raids by suspected herdsmen from surrounding villages.

He shut down rumours that the crisis was religious.

There has been a bit of uncertainty as regards the death toll as the Police Command in the state state that seven people were killed, but eye witness account suggests the death toll is 15.