Thursday, 24 September 2015

Eid-el-Kabir Celebration: Muslim Cleric Prays For Buhari’s Ministers

Muslim Cleric Prays For Buhari’s Ministers
Yusuf Oluwatoyin, the President of Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN), has prayed that Allah should give President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria God-fearing, patriotic ministers who would help him to rebuild the country.

The Muslim cleric said that success of Buhari’s government would depend on the quality of ministers and counselors that would assist him.

He said: “It is our prayer that for Allah to bless him with patriotic ministers and advisers to enable him to succeed in fighting corruption as well as take the country to the next level. I implore all Muslim faithful in the country to always remember our president in prayers so that Allah will not allow evil advisers to come close to him.’’

Oluwatoyin added that Ed el-Kabir called for festivity as Allah had responded the prayers of Muslim faithful all over the world on hajj at Mecca when they had special prayers at Mount Arafat.

“The celebration is in commemoration of the strong faith of Ibrahim in attempting to sacrifice his only son before Allah provided a ram for him,” Islamic leader said.

“It also shows that for us to be good Muslims, we must obey Allah’s instructions and word of life as contained Holy Koran.

“The ram, camel, sheep or cow to be slaughtered today by Muslims who can afford it, should be divided into three parts , one part for his family, one part for friends and visitors and one part for the less-privileged,” he stated. He thanked Allah for making it possible for the Chief Imam of the mosque, Shiek Adam Idoko, who was recently kidnapped to be released by his abductors.

“It is because of Allah’s intervention that our Imam was released from the den of kidnappers. “The Imam is not here today as he has not fully recovered from the shock and psychological trauma he went through in the hands of his abductors,” Oluwatoyin said.

He advised Boko Haram insurgents to have a change of mind and stop the senseless killings of innocent people and destruction of property.”