Friday, 4 September 2015

Why Buhari's Former CSO Was Also Sacked By SSS

Why Buhari's Former CSO Was Also Sacked By SSS
Abdulrahman Mani, the former chief security officer (CSO) to President Muhammadu Buhari, is among those sacked by the State Security Service (SSS).

The most widely discussed sacking was that of Marilyn Ogar, the ex-spokesperson for the security service. It was alleged that she had been relieved of her duties because of bribery and professional misconduct. However, some believed that it was a political move against Ogar, who had been promoted under Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

Premium Times reports that Mani was promoted during the transition period and was appointed as Buhari’s CSO.

However, Mani and the president’s ADC, Mohammed Abubakar, were involved in an argument over the deployment of military personnel responsible for the president’s inner security.

It was reported that when Lawal Daura was appointed SSS director general, Mani’s travails began, as the strained relationship between the two became noticeable. The former CSO was posted to Bayelsa state command, according to some sources, which many described as a punitive decision.

Daura purportedly convinced Buhari that a higher-ranking officer should act as the CSO. Soon Mani was re-posted to Aso Rock, but already as the president’s chief detail (position second in command to the CSO). Mani was reportedly unhappy with the development and refused to report to duty. One of the sources disclosed that this basically became the reason for his retirement.

Official information is yet to be provided on the matter.