Friday, 23 October 2015

Group Petitions Osun Speaker Over Local Government Administration

A pro-democracy group, Centre for Sustained Dialogue (CDS) has petitioned the speaker of the Osun state House of Assembly, over the continued absence of democratic, accountable and sovereign governance at the local government level in the Osun state.

According to the petition gotten by, the group asked the local government in Osun has lost touch, direction and connection with the people because of the way, manner and style it is been run since 56 months ago.

“To crown this illegality all, for the past 16 months, the governor self-selected local government executive secretaries were not re-nominated to the State House of Assembly for tenure renewal after the expiration of their previous 6 months renewable tenure as clearly stated in the Local Government Administration Law which your honourable house passed in 2011.

“To make the matter worse, The House under your leadership did not see anything absurd and unlawful in this unilateral act of Mr. Governor.

“Nothing is more ironic, complex and treacherous than this act of a government that was pronounced as duly elected through the instrumentality of law five years ago that is now setting aside a well-defined law on the administration of local government both in management and supervision.

“We considered this action of Mr. Governor and lack of checks and balance by the House of Assembly on the action of Mr. Governor on the above matter as deliberate collective conspiracy against the good people of Osun State, flagrant disregard to the carefully conceptualized operations of different tiers of government and excessive abuse of power.

 “In view of the foregoing, we challenge your respected office and sovereign House of Assembly to prove us wrong by making immediate, official and far-reaching proclamation on the way and manner by which third tier of government is been governed” the petition signed by Comrade Omotosho Hakeem, the executive director said.

The petitioner then urged the speaker that his“good office will give this petition utmost attention and consideration it rightly deserved.”

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)’s Osun state chapter has dubbed Governor Rauf Aregbesola a confused leader. The allegations from the PDP come just days after Governor Areg­besola alleged that a drastic drop in revenue accruing to states in the country has brought government under mortal threat.